Southern Baptist of Belize

The Southern Baptist Belize (SBB) Convention was formed in 2015 out of a deep seated appreciation of the rich history of Baptist life in the beautiful country of Belize. Desiring to see the nation and its existing Baptist churches return to its historical, conservative doctrinal roots, three existing mission organizations already working in the country came together in order to promote solid, theological conviction in the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout Belize.

Cooperating under the Baptist Faith & Message 2000, Vision Ministries of AmericaKidz Konnect 4 Jesus, and the Golden Triangle Baptist Network joined their Kingdom efforts in Belize to form the SBB and is currently working with local churches, civic leaders, established missionaries and organizations to impact the entire nation of Belize with life changing power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

As a registered religious entity within the borders of Belize, the SBB is committed to staying true to its mission of equipping the Body of Christ to make disciples throughout Belize as the SBB network of churches and partners continue to grow in number. Continued growth is allowing the SBB to fulfill its vision of becoming a network of churches extending the Kingdom of God across Belize and the world through church planting, leadership development, church awakening/revitalization, global networking, and Christian community development.

The SBB invites others in Belize, the US, and abroad to cooperate with them in fulfilling the Great Commission in Belize and beyond. Contact the SBB today to find out how to join.

Southern Baptist of Belize promo video featuring Dustin Guidry, Pastor of Ridgewood Church in Port Arthur, TX


Annual Meetings










Church Growth Essenstials

Church Growth Essentials is a consulting service to help churches, pastors and staff leaders, and lay leadership in the local church. Ralph Burrage (and his team) provides help in a number of areas including church growth strategies, staff enrichment (personally and professionally), coaching, and leadership development and training.


Vacation Bible School (VBS) & Moonwalks

Download this simple community needs survey to used during VBS to help churches determine potential ministries and evangelism opportunities. GTBN makes a Moonwalk available to churches to use for mission projects and ministry. Download the complete Moonwalk policies, instructions, and forms.


Tax Seminar from SBTC


Presenter: Verne Hargrave. MBA CPA CFE - Church & Ministry Partner, PSK LLP, Accountants and Advisors

Verne Hargrave is a Certified Fraud Examiner as well as a CPA. Verne joined PSK in 1978 and has been a shareholder since 1987. He concentrates in the area of not-for-profit organizations, principally churches and Christian ministries. He oversees and conducts numerous church audits and supervises the church accounting services department of PSK.

Verne is a member of the National Association of Church Business Administration, and is a frequent speaker at various church and ministry related seminars. He earned his BBA in accounting at the University of Texas at Arlington in 1976, obtained his CPA certificate in May 1982 and his MBA in 2010 from Dallas Baptist University. In addition to his public accounting career, Verne served as a bi-vocational pastor at Grace Street Fellowship in Arlington, Texas from 1993 to 2001.

Verne is also author of Weeds in the Garden: The Growing Danger of Fraud Taking Root in the Church published by NACBA Press.

To view more SBTC online training videos for pastors and ministry leaders, visit the SBTC website.


Demographics via Texas Baptists 

Via Link2Lead free fact sheets are available by zip code for GTBN churches. How to get there...

  • Type into your web browser
  • To register for the first time, select the REGISTER button on the left menu
  • Under Denominations and Region click on "TEXAS BAPTISTS"
  • Select your city and church


Partnering organizations


BSM works hard to seek God, reach others, teach truth and send servants in a relevant way as students serve the campuses of the Golden Triangle. Contact Darin Ford (Director) for more information. His phone number is 409.880.2276 (W) or 409.673.6819 (C).



Buckner has been dedicated to providing services that help strengthen vulnerable children, families, and senior adults in Southeast Texas since 1979. A wide variety of services are offered to children and families with the goal of building necessary skills and knowledge people need to succeed in life.

Buckner Children and Family Services in Beaumont was recently recognized as a finalist for the 2012 Torch Awards for Marketplace Trust by the Better Business Bureau.

Learn more about specific services provided. Read 2010 article about Buckner's 40th anniversary in Beaumont.



Christian Life Crisis Intervention (CLCI) is a 501 3c non-profit ministry originally started by GTBN to operate Shepherd’s Inn Gaspard Hospitality Center and Calvary House.

In addition to providing free lodging & meals to inmate families Shepherd’s Inn has been housing Disaster Recovery groups and mission teams. Generally more than 2,000 people stay at Shepherd’s Inn during the year. Shepherd’s Inn also provides free lodging for individuals and families who are victims of Disaster. Call 409.736.3980 or complete form to make reservations.

Calvary House is a homeless shelter that provides extended stay to homeless families with children. Download the application packet.

CLCI is also involved in promoting transformation missions in highly unchurched areas with great human need. CLCI is currently involved with community organizing efforts in the inner city of Beaumont to address human trafficking concerns.

CLCI is a member of the Community Christian Development Association (CCDA).



Christian Women’s Job Corps of SE Texas (CWJC) is a faith-based organization developed by WMU that helps women, through the love of Christ, go from dependency to self-sufficiency.

CWJC provides life skill classes, education/career counseling and most of all, mentors for each participant. In order to enter the program, each participant must make a covenant with CWJC for participation and attend a 12 week study covering self-esteem, bible study, and computer training. The participant is supported and encouraged by her mentor throughout the process. The mentor model supporting welfare to work is 80% successful nation wide. Social Services states that they have a 30% non-return rate.

How does CWJC affect our community?

The largest percentage of welfare recipients are single mothers and their children. The overwhelming reason is because uneducated women make less money than men and cannot support a family alone with all the costs of housing, food and childcare. CWJC is a response to the Welfare Reform Act of 1996, which eliminates welfare after a period of time. CWJC was started 9 years ago in Appalachia and has spread throughout the U.S, with all states participating. In 1997, CWJC was one of only 18 recipients nationwide to receive the Al Gore Welfare to Work to Sustain Success Award.

SE Texas, as a whole, is not an affluent community. There are many female head of households, with children under 18. A single mother making $7.00 an hour cannot afford adequate housing, food, and childcare on a monthly basis. CWJC acts as a cheerleader and mentor to help each woman become educated in many ways. The main goal is to stop the cycle of generational poverty. 

There are many ways in which you can help...

  • WMU groups should volunteer in someway in every aspect
  • Becoming a Mentor or Volunteer
  • Providing requested services or referrals to our program
  • Contributing financially
  • Being aware and knowing how to contact us
  • Encouraging state and local organizations to support CWJC
  • Inviting us to speak in appropriate forums

Contact: 4400 Highland Ave, Beaumont,  Texas  77705; 409.838.6000;



East Texas Baptist Encampment (ETBE) exists to offer campers of all ages an atmosphere to turn their focus toward Jesus Christ through intimate worship, Bible study, Christian fellowship, and great fun. ETBE is a camp and conference center located in the beautiful piney woods outside of Newton, TX. Contact: 178 Private Road 7005, Newton, TX 75966; 409.379.2737, 409.379.2204 (fax);