Priority: Planting

GTBN connects individuals and teams with resources to aide in starting all kinds of churches in all kinds of places for all kinds of people.


Priority: Leadership Development

Personal development is a key component of leadership development. It's all about personal transformation and self care, family care, and others care resulting in greater self, social, and spiritual awareness. It also involves understanding your unique design as a person (personality type), your conflict resolution style, and love language.

GTBN encourages every leader to create a personal development plan (PDP) in the contexts of spiritual life, family life, body life (physical and emotional health), work/ministry life, and community life. GTBN can provide a template and a coach to assist in the creation of this plan.

Professional development is a key component of leadership development. It's all about clarifying passion and calling and learning core competencies that build character and confidence. In a professional environment, leaders don't just tell - they ask powerful questions. Asking powerful questions is a coaching technique.

GTBN encourages every leader to enter into an ongoing coaching relationship with a competent coach who understands the value of asking powerful questions and mutual support. GTBN can refer competent, certified coach upon request.


"Coaching is a relational process that helps individuals, teams, and organizations move from where they are to where they need to be resulting in personal, professional, and organizational growth."


Coaching is all about asking powerful questions that guide us toward achievable action steps. It's both a RELATIONSHIP and PARTNERSHIP. It's not simply a professional agreement or assignment. A healthy coaching relationship is built on trust, care, and help.

Coaching is not just another buzz word for mentoring. Mentoring involves pouring into others by sharing knowledge and expertise with them as 'mentees'. Coaching is more about calling forth creativity and action buried within others. It's coming alongside of an individual, team, or organization by helping them clarify who they want to be, where they want to go, and what they want to do. Then, journeying with them until they reach their destination. It's not a program, but a process. The asking model of coaching in combination with the telling model of mentoring is critical to our success in getting from where we are to where we need to be – aware, empowered, and whole.

Formal coaching involves a designated meeting time called a “coaching session”. The roles of coach and coachee are clearly defined. The meeting is calendared, agenda driven, and results oriented. Tasks or action items are identified and followed up on in future sessions.

Informal coaching might look more like a casual meeting over coffee with a napkin talk, a phone call to touch base and talk about life, ask questions, offer support, or encouragement. 

The "Coaching Equation"

Powerful Questions x Thinking ÷ Insight + Accountability = Clarity, Opportunity, Awareness, Competency and Health.


Priority: Awakening

Organizational development, or in a religious context, church health is central to accomplishing the Great Commission and the common and unique vision God has for every church.  It's all about creating a leadership pipeline (discipleship process) within your church. This process that leads to discovery, clarity, direction, alignment, and ultimately focus involves evaluation and making adjustments. It also involves leading and navigating change.

GTBN can assign a competent team of change agents to assist your church leadership team (or you the pastor) in mapping your growth path and introducing and building consensus for a refocus process for your church (and in some cases a restart and relaunch process).


Priority: Networking

GTBN provides many opportunities for connecting like-minded individuals and groups to ministry opportunities. Our annual missions banquet is great time to connect about cooperating with other area churches to carry out local, national and international ministry and mission. Watch this video from our 2017 missions banquet (below).

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